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  • Digital MarketingJuly 15, 2019

    All you need to know about influencer marketing

    In a world that revolves around Social Media, it seems but logical that the Internet is the best way to connect with your client base. That's exactly what influencer marketing appeals to. Influencers are people with a strong following on social media platforms.

    Reaching out to influencers to promote brand campaigns have several advantages.

    1. Cost-Effectiveness

      Influencers are definitely more cost-effective than celebrity endorsements. After all, one right word by a trust-worthy internet figure can help you reach out to their entire audience without having to spend the crores in asking a well-known face, i.e, Aishwarya Rai, to endorse your project!

    2. Organic Audience Reach

      Instead of aiming ad campaigns to a specific target audience, simply endorse an influencer to connect with their entire following. Not only does this add to your reach, but also provides a more organic audience.

    3. Increased loyalty

      Influencers hold a position of trust among their following. So when promoting a product or service, their opinion is usually considered to be more genuine than the advice of an advertisement, giving you a stronger connect with your TG.

    Because of its varied benefits, influencer marketing has become essential in fields where the products require absolute trust before they can be adopted. It's just as essential when the products/services are meant to communicate a lifestyle or luxury statement.

    However, since this is still an upcoming marketing tactic and there is little to substantiate a 100% success rate, here are some things to keep a look out for:

    1. The Wrong Kind of Influencers

      Before approaching an influencer, it's essential to do a thorough background check to make sure that their image is in sync with the brand philosophy. Approaching the wrong influencers with a large following could easily backfire. Imagine approaching a grunge-metal fanatic to market baby shampoo!

    2. All Influencers Need Tracking

      Getting an influencer on board is only step 1. It's essential to keep a track of their activity and promotional attempts, encourage them or correct them based on how their actions reflect upon your brand.

    3. The Lack of Guarantee

      It's comparatively difficult to track the impact of influencer marketing. While influencers get the word out, there are no exact figures about which client sales have increased on account of these online celebrities. As a consequence there is no assurance that it will reap your expected results.

    Today, most advertisers would advise a balanced approach that divides the marketing campaign among traditional methods and influencer-driven segments. In fact, over 84% of the marketers plan to execute at least one influencer oriented campaign in the coming months![1]

    So, if your brand is one that functions on trust or communicates a lifestyle statement (i.e., clothes; watches; perfumes), influencer marketing is definitely an upcoming and rather impactful niche.