Designed for the world-class edge, 86 Central approached us for their project positioning and marketing communication. The goal was to showcase the thoughtfully designed premier business spaces as an ideal upgrade for business.

Strategically located.
Thoughtfully designed premier business spaces.

understanding the project

Strategically located in Ghatkopar East, we had to market the project as an advantageous opportunity and an ideal platform for upcoming businesses.

our path

After extensive project and competition analysis and location assessment, we realised the unique proposition offered.


Creating a strong story line that goes with the prospective customer’s needs, we positioned 86 Central as a space that enables businesses to grow and succeed. An expanse built for entrepreneurs, we leveraged the location through ease of access.

Blending the ingredients that make for the perfect workspace, real investment, and booming growth, we found an appropriate positioning line:

Space. Business. Success.

the next step

Capturing the benefits of the project, location mapping of Ghatkopar West as an investment decision, and highlighting the facilities of 86 Central, the communication was designed to be direct, simple, and engaging.

the communication

Capturing the insights for the proposition enhancement, the communication included brand positioning, logo, brochure, outdoor media (standees, hoardings, bus shelters, and site branding)

Space. Business. Success.