Chandak Developers, one of Mumbai’s leading residential property developers approached us for a new project they had coming up. They needed focused communication targeted to the right audience for maximum impact.

the challenge

How do you market a project with massive competition? The tower was located at the periphery of Juhu, directly competing with many of the upcoming luxury properties in the area.

  • focused target

  • +
  • Rearticulation of

our path

After extensive project and competition analysis as well as a neighborhood assessment, we realized the unique project proposition offered by Chandak.

the eureka moment

The residential tower offered the Juhu lifestyle at a much more reasonable price! With this as the core USP, the earlier competition was rendered void, and the communication was rearticulated, focusing on a different target group.

rechristening the project

The famous Juhu pincode - 49 - was included in the name, adding further emphasis on the location advantage. Thus, Chandak 49Ideal was created.


Numerous amenities
Juhu Lifestyle
Seamlessly Connected
The Neighborhood Advantage

With several amenities offering families and aspirants the lifestyle they want in the midst of Juhu yet at a better rate, we knew just the positioning line.


the next step

Capturing the allure of the Juhu lifestyle with the enriching neighborhood activities, the communication was designed to be elegant and thoughtful.


A minimal type logo was designed with a single line lending emphasis to the location - Juhu, Mumbai. Gold was used as the primary shade for a simple and elegant appeal.

mood board

The captivating beauty of the starry life meets the enriching world of Juhu. The artistic excellence and educational finesse of the vibrant neighborhood is reflected while also mirroring its high-fashion lifestyle.

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