Relaying a brand experience comparable to Hakkasan’s legendary Michelin Star status, the international hospitality chain demanded communication in sync with the global guidelines, yet ensuring it seamlessly intersected with its foray into Indian markets.

our path

Understanding the enigmatic appeal of the international brand, we designed the branding experience at its sole location in Mumbai, bringing home the awe of Hakkasan as it redefines the experience of fine dining.

the next step

Cinematic visuals come together with direct communication.

The creatives are enhanced with light and dark, highlighting different aspects to tell a story, cultivating an air of anticipation. After all, the art of fine dining extends far beyond the meal, transcending the moment as it communicates a rich sensory feast that resonates with our global-travelled guests.

mood board

Tactful light and dark magnify the emotive visuals, staging an absorbing sensory experience. Narrating the Hakkasan experience, we aid in cultivating an ambiance that goes beyond the meal through creatives that guide each moment.

the brand

Reflecting Hakkasan, we craft the complete communication for the brand that extends from its media presence within India to the holistic internal branding experience.

Hakksan’s 8th Anniversary collaboration with Karan Johar & Shweta Bachchan

Bringing in the element of Yin and Yang, to mark this special occasion, the restaurant curated something exciting, glamorous and dramatic. The two vivacious personalities – Karan Johar and Shweta Bachchan-Nanda penned down a series of celebratory fortunes, for “Macartunes” – a sophisticated riff on the classic fortune cookie.

Blending the cinematic ethos of Hakkasan with the Bollywood glamour of Karan Johar and Shweta Bachchan, we developed creatives that showcased the starry collaboration.