Flying Pencil collaborated with Mitesh Lodha's contemporary menswear brand, Mujrosa, to revise their logo and redefine their visual identity.

Drawing inspiration from the artisans of India, Mujrosa is a brand with underlying Western influences. Their unique designs are in keeping the contemporary fashion-conscious consumers, ensuring practicality in every aspect. Each design is steeped in culture with meticulous attention to detail - and this was exactly what we wanted to highlight.

mood board

Understanding Mujrosa, we realized that the logo needed to reflect the brand's unique style, creating a harmony between Western and Indian fashions, while also capturing their love for perfection.

the logo

An intrinsically Indian symbol, the elephant stands for power, intelligence, and strength. Being a menswear brand, we designed a stylized logo with the stitch pattern creating an elephant silhouette.

The minimal design reflects the elegance of the brand, while the gold tone adds refinement.