Raheja Universal, the legendary Mumbai-based developers have an über luxurious development in the heart of Mumbai’s Billionaire Zone, all it needed was the right Phase II communication to complement.

With an established property appeal, it was essential to further elevate the project, in order to attract maximum traction.

the challenge

Surrounded by high competition, how do you establish and communicate superior value proposition persuading customers to make that stretch and pay a higher price?

  • right brand positioning
    and proposition

  • >
  • command a
    premium price

our path

After intensive project analysis, competitor project and communication research, and several cups of coffee, we found the ideal new dimensional differentiator to elevate project positioning.

the eureka moment

Asia’s Highest Residential Infinity Pool
Intrinsic FSI
Low Density

Situated next to one of the tallest residential towers in the world, Imperia-I has Asia’s highest residential Infinity Pool - higher than Marina Bay! Built on a virgin plot, the project boasted intrinsic FSI. The layout was focused on elevated living instead of maximum residences, giving customers the advantage of exclusivity.


With trailblazing amenities, expansive and intuitive residences, and an unparalleled lifestyle entirely geared towards uncompromised living in the heart of Mumbai’s Billionaire Zone, the positioning was obvious. This would be Raheja Universal’s flagship tower.


the next step

Condensing haute world charm into crisp, strong communication.


Elegant and minimal, the logo captures the project as above the world. With three lines ascending to reach the skies framed by a simple box, the design pays homage to the elegance of the crème de la crème of society.

mood board

Beguiling charm of the affluence meets lifestyle at the crest. Vivid imagery expresses the unapologetic extravagance of Imperia-I with strong geometric lines to accentuate the bespoke experience.

The World To Come


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