With the aim of crafting a consistent Raheja experience, our longtime clients, Raheja Universal, came to us for the designing of an all-encompassing user interface (UI) for their official app which was to be provided to all Raheja members.

the objective

Creating a comprehensive user-interface with navigational clarity for services ranging from amenity booking, to security monitoring, as well as group creation with respect to activities and facilities. Designing a psychology and insight-driven layout to ensure intuitive ease as well as a subliminal understanding of the app for a quick comprehension period.

the strategy

Implementing the core schema governing a seamless user experience, the application design was guided by a clear understanding of user-psychology. The perceptive placement of the menu, profile, and services aided in creating an intuitive user experience.

the skies

Contrasting with the Raheja Universal logo yet providing navigational ease, shades of blue were selected. The backdrop of the skies represents the various Raheja skyscrappers that continue to adorn the Mumbai skyline.

It also acts as a symbolic reference to the elite lifestyle that has become synonymous with Raheja Universal developments – an experience that this app aids in enhancing.

the result

The Raheja Universal app was created with a clean UI for a seamless experience.

Based on user-psychology as well as data derived from several test-run applications, the placement of the services, profile, and menu bar ensured an intuitive navigation design for utmost ease of accessibility. The colour-palate further enhanced the effective perception of the application, while the insightful design ensured maximum utility and comfort.