Raheja Universal has added several notable jewels to the skyline of Mumbai, and recently ventured to do the same across other coasts. One of their stunning projects, situated along the coastline of Mangalore, is Raheja Waterfront . We needed to insightfully re-position the project to highlight it's differentiating factors for a stronger appeal.

the challenge

With high competition from upcoming developments in the area, Raheja Waterfront required a unique positioning perspective to highlight its several advantages. Targeting the communication for maximum impact required a clear understanding of the premier USPs as well as the target audience.

the strategy

As the first step for a clearer perspective, we conducted a deep-dive analysis of the region to conceptualize the psychographic. The site visit further enhanced our understanding of the various benefits, aiding in the identification of the premier property advantage.

Upon speaking with the sales agents and local property buyers, as well as visiting competitors' properties, the USP for Raheja Waterfront became all too obvious.

Unlike most other developments in the region, the sky-touching building is laden with choice amenities and splendid sea-views that ensure an unmatched living experience.

mood board

T​he layout and design has been heavily influenced by ocean-side getaways and the colours of the water. The mood board communicates the comfort and luxury embodied by Raheja developments, as well as the sea-side positioning of the project, offering residents an immersive experience into the Waterfront Life.

the logo

Converging the luxury of ocean-side escapes with the tranquility of the beach, the stylized 'W' of the logo is enhanced using watercolour texture amid hues of blue.

the result

The project was repositioned to highlight the varied amenities. This, combined with the altered tonality of the communication ensured greater impact, increasing the reach and appeal among the desired target audience.

Live the Waterfront life