River view, Manor approached us for their project positioning and strategic communication. The objective was to capture the mind space through differentiable positioning and creating brand momentum across selected segments.

the project

How do you market a riverside township with natural abundances? The Estate is located in Manor, just an hour from Mumbai city.

our path

After extensive project and competition analysis and location assessment, we realised the unique proposition offered.


Creating a strong story line that goes with the prospective customer’s needs, we renamed the project to The Riverine, Private Riverside Estates, Manor. Highlighting the distinctive location advantages of Manor region, we positioned The Riverine as a benchmark in Lavish Countryside Villas.

With a wholesome lifestyle spread across 24 acres, offering villas and estates for recreation, investment, and as a second home, we found the most apt positioning line:

Come home to Life, Uninterrupted.

the next step

Capturing the allure of the project, location mapping of Manor as an investment decision, and highlighting the amenities as a holistic living experience, the communication was designed to be elegant and thoughtful.


With the focus on the Riverside experiences, the logo has a boat element. With focus on the trees and nature, the neutral colour palate with a pop of natural colours reflects the blue waters and skies. The communication involves actual and nature mood images.


The Riverine name invokes vivid nature imagery and is a perfect blend of right phonetics, impactful meaning, and high relatability, connoting a sense of elegance to the project.

the communication

Capturing the insights for the proposition enhancement, the communication included brand positioning, hoardings, site branding, print communication (newspaper ads), teaser, launch + supporting campaigns, brochure, website, and social media.

Come home to Life, Uninterrupted.