Located at one of the most glamourous neighbourhoods, we were presented with an opportunity to market the launch of an unabashed lifestyle at the apex of city’s golden zone. The objective was to position the project by leveraging the location with a snob-value communication model.

the project

Understanding the target persona, how do you market a neighbourhood of affluent influences, Pali Hill by establishing it as the finest address?

our path

After extensive project and competition analysis and location assessment, we realised the unique proposition offered.


Leveraging the location to help customers reimagine what they already know, we dissected and reconfigured the elements that make Pali Hill iconic for a stronger brand association. We created a strong project proposition that resonated with the prospective customer’s stature, prestige, and preference.

Dedicated to the savants as one of the most sought-after locations offering an eclectic mix of have-it-all, we found the most apt positioning line:

Timeless Life

the next step

Creating a narrative that helps put things into perspective, the communication was built around the core brand and location USPs to help customers and stakeholders identify the value proposition. To elevate the credibility, the communication was fact-based creating high impact through condescending tone, look, and feel.


A minimalistic logo was designed with the emphasis on the location – Pali Hill. Pastel rose gold was used as the primary shade for a simple and elegant appeal.

the communication

Capturing the insights for the proposition enhancement, the communication included Brand and Product Positioning, Channel Partner Communication, Location Document, Brochure, Password-protected Niche Website, Stationary, and Customised Invites.

Timeless Life