In the News/Testimonials
    • Attention to detail and an in-depth understanding of the required segment is what sets the team at Flying Pencil apart. Armed with this, the team has consistently demonstrated the ability to convert consumer insights into impactful communication, ensuring a rewarding working relationship.

      Ashish Raheja

      Managing Partner, Raheja Universal Pvt. Ltd.

    • Flying Pencil managed to bring innovative and effective marketing solutions to the table, ensuring appropriate communication across all our business verticals, from Real Estate and F&B, to Exports.

      Ashish Mehta

      Founder Partner, Nine Globe

    • Flying Pencil has been an absolute asset with respect to marketing and digital strategy for Pharmalab India. They bring to the table an insightful and analytical mindset along with a truly global perspective, helping us target our efforts to the most effective geographical pockets for maximum reach.

      Kunal Shah

      Managing Partner, Pharmalab India Pvt. Ltd.

    • When it comes to digital marketing, Flying Pencil has definitely been of tremendous help. Having been a part of the journey from startegy to execution, the young and enterprising team has designed innovative solutions to ensure region-specific reach, leading to an increase in brand recognition.

      Sunaina Baghla

      Brand Manager, Global Hospitals

    • Bringing fresh perspectives to brand communication and connecting with the consumer in relevant ways isn't the easiest thing; but the young, enthusiastic and ever accommodating minds at Flying Pencil make it look easy. Working with them has been a great mix of professionalism and enthusiasm.

      Vaibhav Deo

      VP Marketing, Raheja Universal Pvt. Ltd.

    • Having been a part of Bombay Realty from the very inception, Flying Pencil has provided valuable input from the conception, designing and execution of Bombay Realty's digital assets and marketing strategies, going the whole nine yards!

      Manish Agrawal

      VP Marketing, Bombay Realty

    • Young and enthusiastic, the team at Flying Pencil has been pivotal in providing innovative and unique creative inputs, giving us packaging and product designs that stand out while reflecting our range of products.

      Shiva Ramaswamy

      Founder Partner, Arwen Fragrances

    • The team at Flying pencil have diligently worked with our global brands for years now. With a keen attention to detail and constant creativity that allows the brands to develop, we extremely enjoy working and conceptualizing new and fun ways to grow our brands with them.

      Karyna Bajaj

      Executive Director, KA Hospitality Pvt. Ltd.

    • Being an international brand with set rules and guidelines, it's essential for us to colour within the lines. While this can prove to be a task for most creative agencies, Flying Pencil has shown their expertise in delivering quality, creative artworks that ensure valuable communication.

      Chhandsi Sharma

      VP Marketing, KA Hospitality Pvt. Ltd.

    • From concept to completion, Flying Pencil offers insightful designs, quick turnaround and an every adaptable approach to perfecting every project.

      Kritika Chandani

      Brand Manager, Yauatcha and Hakkasan